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NQF Level 3: National Certificate: End User Computing

National Certificate: IT End User Computing NQF Level 3 (SAQA ID: 49077) The purpose of this qualification is to confer the qualifying student with a basic knowledge and understanding of using ICT in the organisation, with particular emphasis on word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation and email.

NQF Level 4: National Certificate: Technical Support

The purpose of this qualification is to build a foundation entry into the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, specifically into the field of Systems Support, covering basic knowledge needed for further study in the field of Systems Support at Higher Education Levels.

NQF Level 4: National Certificate: Electronics

This qualification intends to set standards for a typical learner entering the field of electronics. It will provide learners with foundational, basic knowledge and experiential skills to be able to perform in the electronics field.

NQF Level 4: National Certificate: Systems Development

By completing the IT Systems Developer NQF Level 4 qualification, the learner will be able to: Communicate effectively with fellow IT staff & users of information systems. Demonstrate an understanding of different types of computer systems and the use of computer technology in business.

NQF Level 5: National Certificate: Electronics

The qualification is structured in such a way that it enables learners to gain progression towards the higher NQF levels thus creating career opportunities for learners within the electronics environment. The unit standards contained in this qualification will provide building blocks for specific skills that provide access to related qualifications in this field as well as providing articulation possibilities.

NQF Level 5: National Certificate: Systems Support

Provide qualified learners with an undergraduate entry into the field of networking/systems support, earning credits towards tertiary offerings in the fields of Computer Studies or Computer Science. Prepare qualified learners for initial employment in the computer industry. Allow the credits achieved in the National Certificates relating to Information Technology at NQF level 4 to be used as prior learning for this qualification.


Skills Audits is a systematic assessment of a student’s research skills and knowledge.


Outlines the existing skills shortage in a company and describes the steps a company will take to address the shortage through various training initiatives


It will benefit individuals at work, as it is mostly occupational-oriented thus providing learners with knowledge and skills to enable them to meet global electronics standards at an introductory level. This qualification will facilitate articulation to other qualifications which include mechatronics, autotronics and electronic warfare thus facilitating mobility, personal growth within the electronics field and improve productivity. Learners will have a working understanding of elementary principles within the electronics sector.

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